Friday, October 5, 2012

The 90's, generic style

I've decided it's funny to create generic lines that could be, but aren't, from 90's Disney made-for-tv movies aimed at people in their young teens. Here are some.

1. "You really built a robot?" "No, but they don't have to know that".

2. "That's Brent Hartigan. Nobody in town can beat him on rollerblades. Nobody."

3. "What's he doing?" "Don't worry. That would beat the school record. There's no way he can jump that high."

4. "Who's that?" "Alyson Michelin, but don't even think about it." "Why? Is she out of my league?" "Alyson Michelin is out of everybody's league.

Make me more of these in comments. They are as mind-heroin to me.

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